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Research is one of the ways Baptcare puts its mission into action. We are reimagining better ways to partner to achieve fullness of life by drawing on best practice from local and international research. We then collaborate with our customers and staff around how to implement these ideas across our services.
Aaron Foo, General Manager, Mission and Corporate Development, Baptcare

Research is a critical part of Baptcare’s commitment to providing leading edge care, services and support that helps people in our diverse communities live their best possible lives.

Why Research?
People in our communities rely on us. By investing extensively in research, Baptcare can continuously innovate to provide high quality, best practice services and evidence-based programs that improve the health and wellbeing of the people in our care, their families and the broader community.
Research in action
At Baptcare, research isn’t about theoretical discoveries and dusty tomes that remain unread. We turn research into evidence-based action. Baptcare collaborates with world-class tertiary research partners on a wide range of innovative projects. Findings from these projects inform the way we deliver care and support. These findings are translated into outstanding practices and innovative programs that sustainably improve lives. But our research doesn’t stop there!
A culture of continuous improvement
Once evidence-based programs are in place, we work with our research partners to measure and refine program elements to ensure we’re continuously improving the services we deliver. To track the impact of innovations, we measure client outcomes using a Quality of Life framework developed by the World Health Organisation.
Research is seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.
- Albert Szent-Györgyi

Our strategic approach

Baptcare’s research strategy starts with the individual – our clients, carers, families – and considers their unique needs, values, expectations and circumstances. Our priority is to invest in research that will have the greatest potential for impact in our communities.

Real people, relevant research

We include end-users in our research initiatives and program evaluations. They help co-design research to ensure its relevance.

World-class research
Baptcare’s research team, collaborates with tertiary research partners to accelerate our research impact, drive innovation and access leading expertise and resources. This results in world-class research that’s changing the landscape of Aged Care and community services in Australia. Examples of our unique research include Mental Health Research and +Shift Research.
Find out more about +Shift Research
Independently evaluated
Baptcare has a commitment to publishing its research and papers describing research outcomes have appeared in top tier journals including:
• British Medical Journal Open
• Journal of Gerontology
• American Journal of Medicine
• JAMA Network Open
For maximum impact, Baptcare combines its research with the best available evidence that has been evaluated by other organisations.
To successfully translate research into action, we train our staff to implement new practices, strategies and approaches based on evidence that’s been gathered, tested and evaluated in the research process.

Tertiary Research Partners

Monash UniveristyUniversity of DivinityRMIT UniversityThe University of MelbourneUniversity of Tasmania

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