Family Violence Research

A valuable research and knowledge translation partnership has been established between the Domestic and Family Violence Research Team in the Department of Social Work at University of Melbourne and Baptcare. An evaluation program has been established to explore and document evidence from innovative programs (eg. + Shift).
Professor Cathy Humphreys, University of Melbourne

Baptcare is deeply committed to helping people in our communities to prevent, minimise and recover from family violence.

Across Victoria and Tasmania, Baptcare provides services, programs, therapeutic support and network of referrals that empower people experiencing family violence or its effects. Baptcare’s research team has undertaken a range of research projects, both independently and with our tertiary research partners, that explore various aspects of the experience of family violence.

Featured Research Project

The following projects give an insight into some of the world-leading research undertaken by Baptcare.

+ SHIFT program
Positive Shift (+SHIFT) is a unique program that offers tailored support to women who use force in intimate relationships. Derived from the Vista curriculum, +SHIFT offers therapeutic group support and individual case support, taking a trauma-informed approach designed to promote healing. Culturally sensitive and LGBTQI inclusive, the program allows participants to develop new strategies and viable alternatives to the use of force. It also helps women better understand the nature of violence and abuse.
+ SHIFT evaluation
+SHIFT is delivered across three locations in Victoria: Western Metropolitan Melbourne, North East Metropolitan Melbourne and Greater Ballarat.
Currently, +SHIFT is being evaluated by the University of Melbourne. This evaluation builds on Baptcare’s approach to evidence-based programs which aim to provide positive outcomes for participants.
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Learn more about the project here

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Family Violence in Kinship Care
Baptcare has undertaken studies into the experience and impact of family violence within Kinship Care placements in Victoria and Tasmania. Baptcare’s research explored the prevalence and types of violence within Kinship Care placements perpetrated by the child in care or their family members. The research also explored the impacts of family violence and availability of services to address the issue of family violence on kinship carers and the child in their care. These studies have been used as a platform to advocate for service system changes and are included in national and international textbooks on family violence.

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Learn more about the project here

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Tertiary Research Partners

Monash UniveristyUniversity of DivinityRMIT UniversityThe University of MelbourneUniversity of Tasmania

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