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Research into the Nominee decision-making in the NDIS was conducted in 2020 with support from our Research team. We also examined LAC practice in the context of person-centred planning and developed tools and processes to support this approach.
Emily Daniels, State Manager TAS, Disability Services, Baptcare

Baptcare is an NDIS partner in the community and helps to deliver NDIS services to people across Tasmania and South Australia.

We work with people living with a disability, and people caring for someone living with a disability, to identify appropriate support that can be delivered in a way that suits their individual needs.

Featured Research Project: NDIS Disability Nominee Research

The following gives an insight into innovative research recently undertaken by Baptcare.

Supported decision making
Baptcare conducted a research project with NDIS participants and Nominees to evaluate supported decision making. The study explored the reasons NDIS participants (people living with a disability) choose to have a Nominee (someone who can act on their behalf) and, conversely, the reasons Nominees have for accepting this role. Researchers assessed the practices that both parties used to make decisions.
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The study examined the internal beliefs and attitudes and external factors which impact on using or becoming a nominee. Results indicated that if a supported decision-making methodology was available, it would be beneficial to both NDIS participants and nominees. Further work is being conducted to apply these findings within practice.

References & Further Reading

The final results of the 'Baptcare NDIS Disability Nominee Research' are now available here.

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