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I've always found research practices in aged care are interesting to talk to. Over time, I became aware of how the DMC research would benefit the majority of the residents in our home to live the life they chose to live.
Tamara Withanage, Residential Care & Services Manager, Baptcare

As a leading provider of Aged Care services in Australia, Baptcare is committed to  supporting our clients to live their best possible lives.

Through research, we’re continuously exploring ways to improve outcomes in Aged Care.

Baptcare’s research projects examine evidence-based best practice within Australia and around the world. Research findings help us to innovate to deliver outstanding quality, leading edge programs, support and care across our Aged Care services.

Dementia Statistics
In Australia almost 450,000 people over 65 are currently living with dementia.*
Over 1 million people are projected to be living with dementia in 2058 if no significant breakthroughs occur through research.**
Over 50% of people living in permanent residential aged care have been diagnosed with dementia.***

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An ageing population
As Australia’s population ages, and the number of people living with dementia steadily rises, Baptcare research is focusing on the development of a new Dementia Model of Care. This important work, which we envisage will eventually be implemented across all our Aged Care services, is being undertaken with our research partner Monash University (Health and Social Care Unit).

Other research focus areas in Aged Care are:

A new Dementia Model of Care
Baptcare is undertaking a major project to develop a new Dementia Model of Care which will be implemented across all of our Residential Aged Care communities.
In partnership with Monash University’s Health and Social Care Unit, residents of our Aged Care communities, their families, staff and volunteers, Baptcare’s Dementia Model of Care will be rolled out over the next three years.
This project will culminate in an independent evaluation of the Model’s implementation and effectiveness.
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Baptcare’s Dementia Model of Care will be driven by the input of stakeholders and end-users, and will be based upon leading national and international evidence-based best practice.

  • Improved quality of life for people living in Residential Aged Care;
  • Increased connectivity of families;
  • Increased staff & volunteer satisfaction & retention;
  • Enhanced levels of dementia care knowledge & practice.
Trauma Informed Care and Practice
Working in collaboration with Monash University, Baptcare staff and internal stakeholders, Baptcare’s research team has developed a trauma informed care and practice training workshop. The workshop has been successfully piloted at Brookview, one of Baptcare’s Residential Aged Care communities, and has now become a central feature of the workforce development component of Baptcare’s Dementia Model of Care.
LaTrobe Evaluation
Baptcare undertook an evaluation of LaTrobe University’s training program ‘Recognising and Reporting Deterioration in Resident’s Health’. This training program was delivered to Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) working in 12 Baptcare Residential Aged Care communities during 2020.
The evaluation sought to measure the impact of the training on PCAs knowledge and understanding of the signs of resident deterioration and their practice. One of the key findings was a significant improvement in staff knowledge of signs of resident deterioration following the training. Data from this study have been used to improve the content and delivery of the training program.

Tertiary Research Partners

Monash UniveristyUniversity of DivinityRMIT UniversityThe University of MelbourneUniversity of Tasmania

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