The Music Goes On

From small beginnings Music Therapist Peter Coughlan has created a community of music-lovers across Baptcare. With his work already established at five sites, Peter is using the time of physical distancing to imagine reaching out to the wider Baptcare community.

In recent days his program was offered via video link to Baptcare Karana. Lifestyle co-ordinator, Ann-Marie Harli shared, “From a shaky start with the technology, we got everything up and running, and the concert was a great success. Our residents were very happy to have Peter sing and play for them, and the room filled quickly as news of his performance was shared. It was a credit to Peter and his tenacity.”

Peter believes his work is a conversation rather than a performance and recognises the therapeutic benefits emerge when residents feel involved. He was able to dialogue back and forth over the video link as residents shared what the music means to them. The songs creating the most discussion consistently emerge from the Great American Songbook and often evoke memories of World War 2.

Peter has always understood his involvement as reaching out and being intentional about including others. Now he is doing that more than ever, “we are still here for you,” Peter said, “and will continue to deliver services as best we can - we are with you, wherever you are in the Baptcare community”