The Lady in the Window
– Lyn Spencer's story

Lady in the Window

Lyn Spencer, otherwise known as ‘the lady in the window’, spends hours making quilts in her garage (pictured) that has a large window looking out onto the buzzing streets of her retirement village. “I can quilt and watch the world go by,” she said.

She has been making quilts for over 20 years and thinks she’s probably donated over 3000 quilts during her career, all to people in need. “There’s always need” commented Lyn “and I like giving and sharing things with people”.

Her quilting began when her mother moved into an aged care community, where Lyn made quilts for many of the residents. “I love doing things,” says Lyn. “I can’t sit and do nothing, and I just love fabric. If I can feel fabric every day, I’m happy!”.

The love of crafting is in Lyn’s genes. She remembers cuddling up to bed with her bedridden Nanna after school and helping her make brooches. Lyn has passed the crafty gene down to her grandsons and granddaughters too, all of who have made quilts with Lyn over the years. “It’s wonderful to visit them and see our quilts around their homes.”

Lyn’s donations started in 1986 in response to the Chernobyl disaster. Rotary helped Lyn to send her quilts to over 140 kids in a Ukrainian orphanage. She is now a member of a quilting group called Made with Love made up of about 20 ladies who create quilts for people in need in the community, such as St Kilda Mums, Quilts for Orphans, and more recently Baptcare. Lyn’s quilts are a perfect example of community in action. The materials are mostly donated or sourced by a good friend of Lyn’s from various op shops, and the quilting kits are distributed amongst the members of Made with Love who then contribute different parts of the quilts.

It was Lyn’s sister who led her to Baptcare, after a positive experience with an IHC package and resulted in Lyn’s recent donation of some quilts to the Houses of Hope. Lyn looks forward to a long relationship with Baptcare, sharing her love and quilts wherever they’re needed.

We’re blessed to have Lyn as part of our Baptcare family and so grateful for her loving care and quilts.