Philanthropy through community connections

16 September 2020

One of Baptcare’s Community Project Managers, Anne-Marie Bozic, was recently at her local dog park, when a conversation with a young man ensued. Discovering that this young man had access to an oversupply of Australian Wholefoods packaged meals, and that Anne-Marie had connections with food supply agencies, a partnership was forged.

Through Anne-Marie’s connections, this newly acquainted pair were able to move the oversupply of food to community members in need. Those involved in the operation include Peter Mayfield of the Hutt Street Centre, Astra Fleetwood at Anglicare SA, who connected them to the Magdalene Centre Emergency Relief, and Eduardo Donoso from the Latin American Society SA.

This casual conversation, held in a dog park, has connected one supplier to three organisations who are now helping approximately 1000 people per week with food supplies. What a wonderful example of creating connections through community!

The three agencies have since come together at the Australian Wholefoods office in Salisbury South, where the management team conducted a tour of the manufacturing plant that employs over 150 people and produces food products for the likes of Nana’s and Woolworths. The team at Baptcare left the meeting in awe of the kindness and philanthropic spirit Australian Wholefoods had demonstrated, saying, “It made our hearts sing today.”

This series of connections between community members has made for an inspiring example of the power of individuals banding together and showing heart.