National Reconciliation Week, 2022 | Faces of Baptcare | Meet Emily Patterson, Personal Care Assistant – Brookview

If you’re ever visiting our Baptcare Brookview Community and hear someone singing along to Elvis’ greatest hits, it’s a sure sign that Emily Patterson has started her shift.

Emily is one of our standout Personal Care Assistants, working tirelessly to ensure our older residents receive the highest standards of care and attention. What makes her stand out? Emily ensures every day is brimming with fun for those under her watchful care.

Whether that’s a singalong to some of the classic hits of the 1950s, reliving a fun playground past time (the ‘Hokey Pokey’ is very popular with residents!) or just taking the time to listen and share stories, Emily is always looking at ways to promote joy and laughter.

“I come from a large family – six kids – and I remember Nan singing to us with all these great tunes from the past,” said Emily. “I just thought it was natural that the residents might enjoy singing these songs, too.”

If Elvis is not to your taste – don’t worry – Emily also brings a strong repertoire in Patsy Cline’s greatest hits. The residents love their singing companion – and the feedback from their families is glowing.

“We get so much great feedback on Emily,” says Tamara Withanage, Residential Care and Services Manager at Brookview. “Our residents’ families tell us how they feel very secure knowing their loved one is receiving such attentive one-on-one care.”

“Brookview is like a family”

As a Personal Care Assistant, Emily’s days typically start at 7 a.m. before ending at around lunchtime or early afternoon. Her responsibilities include showering residents, cleaning their rooms, double-checking that all medication has been taken and assisting with feeding.

Having worked for almost seven years at Baptcare, Emily has gotten to know the residents and their families at Brookview and looks on them as part of her extended family. “I feel so motivated to come in and see the residents each day,” said Emily.

As a proud First Nations Australian, Emily was brought up to respect her elders, gladly providing comfort and care. It’s the same philosophy she brings to our residents at Brookview. ‘But it’s not just about what I can do to support them,” she explains. “I learn so much from our residents. They’ve got a lifetime of experience and wisdom to share – just like my aunties and uncles.”

Discovering her true calling

Looking back on her career, a clear theme emerges of a desire to support and care for others. One of Emily’s first jobs was working in childcare, preparing nutritious meals to power the little ones through their active days.

She soon felt a calling to join aged care, remembering how she had helped look after her beloved Nan through her battle with throat cancer.

“It seemed very natural to me, to move into aged care. I grew up in a family where we all looked after Nan – we enjoyed helping her out,’ explains Emily. “I feel like it’s my calling to help older people and bring some fun into their day.”

We are so glad to have you onboard Emily!

In the words of a famous Elvis song – our residents “can’t help falling in love with you!”