How Baptcare and the NDIS has worked to support Roxy

Roxy is a happy and resilient nearly 4-year-old little girl. Through the support of their ECEI coordinator, Roxy and her family were able to transition to the NDIS in 2018, and she is now receiving support through her second NDIS plan.

Through the support that Baptcare is able to provide, Roxy regularly receives the therapy that she requires, and now has the ability to reach and use her hands for play and some functional tasks when her posture and seating are supported.  Roxy has also become more vocal and has increased the sounds that she can make, and due to the improvements in her oral control, has increased safety when eating.

To see the improvement in Roxy has been wonderful to watch and be a part of. She is a wonderfully happy little girl, and to see her increased play skills and communicative skills, just shows the impact the NDIS can have” said Jessica.

Roxy has also shown development in her receptive language skills. Through her therapy, Roxy has been able to learn to scan between two items unassisted and fix her gaze on the item that she wishes to choose. Roxy has been able to have the assessment required to work towards vital assistive technology that will allow her comfort and increase participation in her social environment.

Roxy has now been set up with an eye-gaze system, which she has demonstrated great success with. This is a huge achievement for Roxy, allowing her to have some choice and control in her world and work towards increasing her initiation of social interactions and of her needs and wants.

Roxy has also received assistive technology to support her during her self-care needs, to assist with her comfort and safety, encourage the use of her hands to engage in some of these tasks and to reduce the physical demands on her informal supports.