Harmony Week 2022 – profile of Nishant Desai

Baptcare has Australian cricket to thank for Nishant Desai, our Faces of Baptcare #13.

Born in Gujarat, India, to a strict Hindu Family and now Residential Community Services Manager at Baptcare’s Wattle Grove, Nishant came to Australia in 2008 to study a Masters of Biotechnology after finishing a Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology.

I chose Australia as the destination mainly due to its open culture and passion for cricket,’ said Nishant. ‘A friend encouraged me to complete a Certificate 3 in Aged Care to work as a Personal Care Assistant while I was studying my Masters. But before too long, I had fallen in love with aged care.’

Lucky for Baptcare Nishant decided to change his career path, completing a Bachelor of Nursing.

Working in aged care was completely different than working in a biotech lab, where I would set up an experiment and wait for 35 days to see the result. In aged care, I was getting rewarded for my efforts instantly either by receiving thanks from a resident or just by knowing that I had made a difference in someone’s life during the day. It was very fulfilling.’

Nishant started work at Baptcare in 2012 as a Personal Care Assistant. ‘I had the privilege of meeting some amazing residents, colleagues and managers, all who taught me a lot about working in the Aged Care industry. Even though Baptcare is a faith-based organisation, I never felt that it only catered for one faith. It is an inclusive environment where people from all faiths and religions are cherished for who they are.’

This week is Harmony Week, a time to celebrate Australian multiculturalism and the successful integration of migrants into our community, individuals just like Nishant.

There is a very famous Sanskrit phrase found in Ancient Hindu texts - Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – meaning ‘the world is one family’. Harmony Week for me represents the same ideology, that we should all celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and cherish them for who they are, regardless of culture or religion. Each human being has a value far greater than any label, judgment and or misconception that may be laid on them,’ Nishant said.

Nishant credits his multicultural roots for having a positive influence on his daily work. ‘The Aged Care industry is very diverse in terms of workforce and the community of people for whom we care. Knowing the differences in cultures, religions and socioeconomic backgrounds helps me to connect more fully with another person.’

He concludes that ‘when you are looking after someone, all that matters is the care that you provide to them. Residents love you for your care, regardless of where you come from. They love and care for you from the moment you turn up to support them.’

Along with his appreciative residents at Wattle Grove, Baptcare celebrates Nishant in Harmony Week and beyond, and values all that he brings to our community.

You can read more about Harmony Week at harmony.gov.au.