Food to the rescue

This National Volunteer Week Baptcare celebrates the generous contribution of our 790 passionate Baptcare volunteers, like Jeff Davies whose profile is shared below, who have contributed over 42,000 hours to volunteering this year alone. Our youngest volunteer is just eight years old and plays chess with one of our residents at Hedley Sutton Community while our oldest is 95 who assists in the kiosk at Strathalan Community. Baptcare will hold 19 events this week recognising the contribution of our volunteers within our communities and programs. Volunteers will also be recognised for their length of service and receive acknowledgement in the form of badges and certificates.

Looking for a chance to improve the lives of people seeking asylum, Jeff Davies decided to join Sanctuary, becoming an important member of the volunteer team.

“I was looking for a way to do something positive to help”, says Jeff.

Joining Sanctuary three years ago, Jeff originally assisted residents with writing resumes and developing interview skills. This is an important area of Sanctuary’s work, with education and employment crucial to a resident’s transition into Australian society.

Currently, Jeff assists Sanctuary by picking up and distributing food donations to our Brunswick and Preston sites. Both of these roles have given Jeff the chance to chat and listen to the experiences of residents.

“I find the incredible endurance, intelligence and positivity of many of the residents, in the face of very challenging circumstances, truly admirable,” says Jeff.

Through his volunteering efforts, Jeff has seen first-hand the dedication of Sanctuary’s volunteers and the generous donations that make Sanctuary possible. He continues to volunteer as he feels a great sense of pleasure in meeting and assisting residents.

“It is a very satisfying thing to do, particularly given the attitude and education of the Baptcare staff. I would definitely recommend the experience to anyone looking to make a difference,” says Jeff.

Jeff’s wife, Geunolee has heeded his enthusiastic recommendation to join Sanctuary as a volunteer, currently assisting residents with their English skills.

“Hopefully I will link in some more helpers in the future,” says Jeff.

Outside of Sanctuary, Jeff has 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and is a Founding Director of CBE, a consulting company in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

Volunteering has always been a prominent part of Jeff’s life. His work with CBE has involved working with developing countries in increasing the production of vaccines.

Jeff also dedicates his spare time to fundraising through fun runs and cycling events such as The Great Cycle Challenges.

Baptcare and Sanctuary are forever grateful to people like Jeff, as their generosity makes a positive difference in the lives of Sanctuary residents.

Around 73 per cent of our Baptcare volunteers say they want to make a difference and that Baptcare supports them to achieve this. Baptcare volunteers not only make a wonderful contribution to the Sanctuary program, but also to our residential aged care residents, our famillies and their children, our staff and our foster children and we cannot express our gratitude enough for their hard work. From all of us here at Baptcare, we say THANK YOU for everything our volunteers do!