Families receive parcels of hope

One week out from Easter the Family and Community Services (FACS) team in Sunshine embarked on the ambitious task of sourcing donations of Easter eggs and kids craft activities from local businesses. The team recognised the opportunity to offer something practical in a time of crisis, and to collaborate locally. Numerous businesses responded including Bunnings, Brimbank City Council, Kmart and Woolworths.

This creative response was a timely reminder of the hope and promise of life held in the Easter story and a reminder to families that they are not alone. The COVID-19 crisis has in some cases increased the stress, anxiety and social isolation of families and the FACS team have become an essential component of support – finding ways to come alongside families and relieve the burden.

Small parcels of hope were left on doorsteps and although it felt strange to the team to not make face-to-face contact, a deep connection was felt. On receiving a text message ahead of delivery, a family responded, “Omg thank you so much”. From another family squeals of delight were heard as staff walked down the driveway.

These small encounters brought joy for both staff and families and one worker shared, “the family who received this great gift were very excited and loved the fact they have been thought of by Baptcare.”