Faces of Baptcare – meet Kevin Kopfstein, Community Manager for Homelessness

If you’re always being asked to ‘pull a rabbit out of a hat’, then you might want to speak to Kevin Kopfstein for some practical advice.

As a talented magician, comedian and corporate entertainer, Kevin has performed to sell-out crowds for more than 30 years. He’s also a Community Manager for Homelessness with Baptcare.

What brings him to work with us? We find out …

How did you get into comedy and magic?

I started doing magic as a kid in Scotland – probably at around eight years old. I found a book at the library on how to do your own magic tricks. I started practicing those with my mum as the audience – and really loved it.

Then in my late teens, I started watching stand-up comedy and realised I’d like to try that.

Eventually, I moved to London doing stand-up full time professionally there for about 10 years.

You’ve been performing to rapturous applause throughout the UK, Ireland and Australia for more than 30 years. What are the highlights of your career on the stage?

I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to perform shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Adelaide Fringe festival

Performing on breakfast radio shows like 3MMM was great fun, too.

I met my wife out here in Australia and decided to stay - which is probably the most important highlight!

How does a talented performer like you come to work at Baptcare?

I stepped back from comedy and performance after my son was born. I was looking for some more regular hours. Stand-up is fun but the constant travelling is very tough when you’re starting a family.

Initially, I worked at an ad agency, writing copy. Then I moved on to complete a Certificate IV in Community Services.

I helped young people in residential care with the Department of Child Protection.

I’ve also worked as a Local Area Coordinator at Feros Care, across the north of Adelaide. Then I joined Baptcare, where I’ve been now for about two and a half years.

Tell us about your work at Baptcare.

I spend two mornings a week at two centres for the homeless.

Many of these people need access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. I try to establish a good rapport with our clients and get some regular communication going about their needs and how we can connect them with the right support.

What’s your motto in life?

Gratitude is the most important thing in life.

Working with people experiencing homelessness has really taught me gratitude for the small things in life – food, family and a place to stay. Those are the things that lead to true happiness.

Are you still performing?

Yes, after my son turned 16, I decided to give it another shot.

I’ve performed at the last four Adelaide Fringe festivals, including 27 nights in a row this year. I’ve also created an act for the corporate market – so if you need a host or MC, give me a call!

Thankyou Kevin, for the invaluable service you are providing to the community in South Australia. We are so grateful to have you in the team.

If you’re looking for a great night of magic and comedy, check out Kevin’s upcoming show dates at kevinkopfstein.com