Faces of Baptcare | Meet Betty Logan, resident at Strathalan’s Retirement Living community

We were lucky to catch Betty for a chat given her busy schedule at Strathalan’s Retirement Living! But we’re glad we did. We’re pleased to share below Betty’s reflections of Strathalan, a shining example of someone who is retired and loving it.

What do you enjoy  about being in the Strathalan family?

There are so many things that I enjoy such as the variety of options available at Strathalan, including the Hub lounges, library, gym, hairdresser, café and the homestead. Residents can choose whether or not to be involved in the many events, activities, interest groups and wellness programs on offer.

I also like being with like-minded people who support each other and where many interesting discussions are enjoyed (particularly during the relaxed Happy Hour gatherings!).

Another positive is the sense of being in a safe and secure community bubble as soon as one moves in. This is the case whether you move into an apartment or a villa (which I lived in while waiting for my great apartment, which I absolutely love).

Since I moved here in December 2019, seven of my friends have also bought into Strathalan, surely proof that this is a special place to live! I know that I am where I am meant to be.

What surprised you about living in a retirement living community?

After moving into the apartments two years ago, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the residents not only developed strong neighbourly bonds but, for some, strong friendships too.

It has been amazing discovering the unknown threads of connection that many residents have with each other before moving into Strathalan – for example, connections from school, friends, sport or areas where they lived pre-Strathalan.

I’ve also been pleasantly surprised how much people care and support each other, too. Personally, I have been grateful for this support as my mobility is compromised due to recent surgeries.

Can you tell us two surprising things about yourself?

One - whilst staying with a politically well-connected American friend, my husband and I were presented to the Senate. We travelled in the “Senate Subway” in the tunnels underneath the Capitol (ed. the seat of the United States Congress, similar to Australia’s Parliament House, Canberra), finishing with a private tour of the Capitol (ed. where chief law makers make US law). It was such an amazing experience.

Two - I was staying at Coolum Beach Resort on a three-day Team Building workshop for work. The theme of the day was ‘trust and integrity’ and we were asked to choose between going up a pamper pole or abseiling. I chose abseiling because I thought if I am going to do this workshop, then I was going to do the real thing! We were taken to the top of an escarpment in the Gympie area. At one stage, I found myself on the overhang rock where I hung like a bat. I did freeze for a bit but got myself together and completed the drop.

Can we talk about the amazing photos you send us of the Strathalan homestead? Is photography a hobby of yours?

Not really although I’ve always owned a camera from a young age and have always enjoyed taking photos. However, since the great cameras included in smart phones nowadays, I think we all enjoy capturing things that cheer our souls!

Do you have a motto in life?

I have a few mottos, really, but there is one that I have used for much of my life that probably sums me up best:

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.” (Luciano De Crescenzo)

Thank you, Betty, for being such a vibrant part of our Strathalan flock!

Find out more about Baptcare’s Strathalan retirement living community: https://strathalanliving.com.au/