Faces of Baptcare #30 – Meet Anne Beveridge

  1. What is your current role at Baptcare, and what does a typical day involve?

    I am lucky enough to be working as a People Services Specialist within the Workforce team which is in the broader People, Culture and Safety team. Our team processes all the changes in employment for all Baptcare staff. This can be a change in role, status, hours, parental leave, pandemic leave etc. There are also lots of miscellaneous questions from staff. I work with eight of Baptcare’s Residential Aged Care sites processing their changes and answering queries.

  2. What has been your career journey at Baptcare?

    I started working at Baptcare’s The Orchards in September 2021. I was the Roster Clerk/Receptionist there until the end of January 2022. In February I moved into the Receptionist role at head office in Camberwell then started my current role in July. I have been around a bit but very happy with where I am!

  3. Have you always wanted to work within the People and Culture space?

    I never really thought that it was an option for me as it’s not an area that I had ever worked in previously. But I am very lucky and happy to have the opportunity to be here now.

  4. What did you want to be as a young child?

    I wanted to be a physical education teacher because I was crazy about sport. I loved watching it and playing it, especially cricket and hockey.

  5. Can you tell us two surprising things about yourself?

    I love acorns. Yep, acorns. Just because. Also, I collect old copies of the book Gone With The Wind. I think I have about 75 copies. Best book and movie ever.

  6. Can we just revisit your love of acorns please? Where did your interest begin?

    When I was in primary school we had a huge acorn tree at the top of our street and used to love sitting under there and playing with and collecting the acorns. I also love the feel of them and their little hats! I have them in my car, my husband’s car, all my coat pockets and on my desk at home.

  7. Do you have a favourite quote or motto in life?

    My family are probably sick of hearing me say it, but I always tell them that it’s a good day when you get to learn something new. Also, I do remind them how lucky we are to live in Australia. I repeat this one endlessly while watching the news.

  8. How would your friends describe you?

    The organiser. I’m the one who always seems to organise our get-togethers. Not sure if that makes me more needy than the rest of the girls. 😊

  9. If you could sit next to someone at a dinner party, who would it be and why?

    Younger me would have loved to sit next to Rod Marsh, the ex-wicketkeeper for Australia and WA. I was a wicketkeeper when I played, many, many, many years ago and I used to be obsessed with cricket! Now I’d love to be able to sit and spend time with my dad, who passed away last year.

  10. You share the same surname as Leanne Beveridge, the General Manager for the People, Culture and Safety team at Baptcare. Are you related?

No I’m not. But we share the same birthday!