Faces of Baptcare #29: Meet the Family Violence Team

  1. What are your current roles at Baptcare?

    Ginnelle: +WAVES Team Leader.

    Megan: Adolescent Family Violence Team Leader.

    Brylee: +SHIFT Team Leader.

  2. What did you want to be as a young child?

    Ginnelle: Vet.

    Megan: Park Ranger.

    Brylee: Lawyer.

  3. Why do you think days like the 16 Days of Activism are important?

    One woman is killed nearly every week in Australia due to family violence and on average in Victoria, police attend a family violence incident every six minutes. We could continue with startling statistics but collectively we believe many voices become one to raise awareness of what is happening within our communities.

  4. What motivates you to work in this Family Violence space?

    We are motivated to support this community and end the fight against gender-based violence. By working in family violence, we have the privilege of working across diverse communities; family violence does not discriminate.

  5. Do you have a favourite quote or motto in life?

    Ginnelle: Make every minute count.

    Megan: You don’t have to be better in the future, just need be better than yesterday.

    Brylee: Don’t be afraid to start over again. Remember, this time you’re not starting from scratch, you’re starting from experience.

  6. If you could sit next to someone at a dinner party, who would it be and why?

    Ginnelle: Brené Brown is a US writer and Professor - as I am inspired by the amazing contributions towards research and supporting people across the globe.

    Megan: Bel Hooks is an American Author (Feminism is for Everybody) and Social Activist - as I have a lot to learn.

    Brylee: Bruce Perry is an American Psychiatrist and Author (The Boy who Was Raised as a Dog) due to his insight, knowledge and intelligence relating to attachment and developmental trauma.

  7. Favourite local restaurant near our workspace?

    We work in Sunshine, Melbourne, Victoria and our go to is Hot Chilly Banh Mi.

  8. What has your career journey been?

Collectively we have had experience within:

  • family violence
  • education
  • business
  • outreach
  • homelessness
  • child, youth and family
  • AOD
  • Private and Government sectors.