Creating social impact through employment

As part of Baptcare’s commitment to partnering with people of all ages, cultures, beliefs and circumstances, we work with community-based and not-for-profit employment agency, Matchworks, who help us provide meaningful employment for job seekers from a diverse range of backgrounds.

With the impacts of COVID, many skilled job seekers have come to MatchWorks to retrain to a new industry or brush up on their job searching skills. However, MatchWorks also assists people who need tailored and ongoing support to overcome various barriers including mental health conditions, homelessness, family breakdowns and low self-esteem. Once candidates have received the training and health and wellbeing support needed to get them work ready, MatchWorks connects them to employers like Baptcare.

We spoke to MatchWorks Job Placement Consultant, Jessica Panovski, about partnering with Baptcare, and received some helpful advice and positive feedback worth sharing. Here is what she had to say…

Qualities to look for in candidates:

“Someone who is motivated, enthusiastic, shows initiative and genuinely wants to work.”

Career advice: “I truly believe everybody deserves a chance and an opportunity. Most people go through something at some point in their life and sometimes need some extra support and that’s why we are here. Never give up and always believe in yourself. Sometimes it’s all about timing and eventually the right door will open.”

Support provided to hired candidates:

“We offer Post Placement Support to both the candidate and employer for six months during their employment and have our Health and Wellbeing services as an integral part of the post-placement support.”

What it’s like to partner with Baptcare:

“Working with Baptcare has been an absolute pleasure. I have worked closely with Melissa, who is very understanding, empathetic and takes the time with us and our jobseekers. It’s great to have such a supportive employer who genuinely cares and shares the same goal as us.”

Mutual gratitude for our partnership and shared passion for creating positive change

As part of the genU organisation, Matchworks is all about profit for purpose and supporting people to lead better lives. Every dollar MatchWorks makes goes into genU’s valuable work in disability, aged care, accommodation, training and social enterprise.

Baptcare is proud to partner with an organisation that shares our values, mission, and vision for a world that truly supports diversity and inclusion.

Ms Panovski expressed her thanks to Baptcare for our support, and offered this testimonial from a MatchWorks client and current employee of Baptcare:

Just a little feedback - I'm happy with the way MatchWorks and Baptcare work together as a team in getting me a position, always corresponding between each other. I'm happy working with Baptcare, the staff are lovely and I'm enjoying working with the clients.

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Posted: 8 October 2020