Construction works captivate residents

Construction has been the talk of Strathalan Community since April when works to the new community centre, 37 independent living apartments and associated car parking commenced.

No one has been more fascinated than residents Brian Butt and Catherine Pearson.

Brian has lived in the Strathalan Retirement Living Community for the last four years with his wife Margaret. A Macleod local for all his life, he is thoroughly enjoying having the construction occur “right outside his front door”.

“I don’t have to walk anywhere to keep up to date with what the builders are doing, I just have to open the front door. It’s all happening right there!” said Brian.

A former aircraft factory manager, Brian is revelling in recording the works through photography.

“I have had contact with Strathalan Community for over the past 50 years, I used to transport people to the church here and my mother in law lived here for five years so I have been across its many stages,” said Brian.

“I am capturing this stage in history by taking a lot of photos, every second day and putting them on a memory stick to share with the Strathalan team,” said Brian.

When asked what he is most looking forward to when the construction is done, Brian said the more modern and up-to-date facilities he and his wife will have access to.

Catherine, who lives further away from the construction site, or as she says, “down the hill” enjoys going for a walk everyday to inspect what is happening, taking photographs, and sometimes meeting others “up there” to watch the happenings together.

“It’s a continual coming and going of big machinery. I really like watching the whole thing and how busy everyone is. I’ve compared it to a hive of ants!” said Catherine.

“My brother was a truckie and he was here one day, and explained to me all about the different mountains of soil. I have been chatting to the builders and asking where all the soil is going. It is so intriguing,” said Catherine.

A former nurse who worked with disabled school children, Catherine has resided at Strathalan for four years in October, and is most looking forward to the new community centre being built as it will be easier for her to access.

We look forward to sharing in Brian and Catherine’s photography once construction has finished!