Baptcare CEO applauds resilience after Kerang floods

The CEO of Baptcare, Geraldine Lannon, visited Baptcare Northaven Community in Kerang to meet with residents, families, volunteers and staff.

As floodwaters surrounded Kerang in October, Northaven was one of Victoria’s only aged care facilities to be fully isolated. Ms Lannon said she was impressed and moved by the way all members of the Northaven community banded together to look after each other at that time of crisis.

“Our team had planned for this emergency,” Ms Lannon said. “Regardless of what was going on with floodwaters, we knew that maintaining our regular high level of care for everyone who calls Northaven home was our priority.

“Even when Kerang was cut off, life continued as usual within the home. Some extra staff were deployed from Melbourne, and everything went smoothly thanks to the resilience and good humour of our Northaven residents and care team.

“Some residents could not have their usual visits from family members who lived out of town, so volunteers increased their time in the home to ensure everyone had visitors. It was a genuine team effort, and a beautiful expression of Baptcare’s values.

“After that experience I knew I wanted to visit Kerang myself to meet and thank the people who helped Northaven get through a potential time of crisis with flying colours,” Ms Lannon said.

Certificates of Acknowledgment were presented to staff at a morning tea ceremony. The efforts made by workers in every part of Northaven, as well as the wider Kerang community, will not be soon forgotten.