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Supporting community engagement projects

Baptcare’s Community Engagement program supports Baptist Churches reaching out in local communities to address social exclusion, suffering, and poverty alleviation.

Since 2011, Baptcare has supported 88 community engagement projects, where over 500 Baptist Church volunteers have been engaged in service in their community.  Over $1.4 million has been directed into Baptist Churches for this community engagement work.  More than 9,000 clients have received care under the direction of churches.  That is an outstanding demonstration of love from Baptist Churches in their local communities, and Baptcare is excited to be associated with these wonderful stories. We support projects in urban, suburban, and rural settings.

Baptist Churches are interested in a Baptcare Community Engagement grants to support their local endeavours. Baptcare connect these churches with thought leadership in Christian social justice, community development, and resourcing.  The outcome is a community oriented project engaging some, or all, of the local congregation, as well as community volunteers. Below are just some of the possibilities.

Food securityCommunity kitchen, pantry, market garden; engaging community in meals and create a caring community; teach nutrition and home budgeting.
Demographic projectsYouth projects – sports, music, surfboard shaping, integrating mentoring; childcare facilities; women’s groups, playgroups; men’s’ groups; aged care – respite, recreational groups.
Migrant servicesEnglish language, orientation to life in Australia, driver license training, employment – we have set up three social enterprise businesses employing migrant workers.
Mentoring Coach, Hope Coach, Kids Hope;  Baptcare Home-Start volunteers to help struggling families in-home to lift living skills; Baptcare Pastoral Care Visitation.
CommunityService/helps ministry, tool share, trailers, back yard blitz, op shops.

Networking meetings are available, where we meet to discuss these topics, create relationships, share tips, learn from experiences, and support each other.

If you represent a Victorian or Tasmania Baptist church and would like to know more about how Baptcare can directly support you to support your community, please get in touch with Baptcare’s Community Engagement and Advocacy Officer on (03) 9831 7222.

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