Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Partnering for fullness of life with people of all ages, cultures, beliefs and circumstances.

Our Vision

Communities where every person is cherished.

Our WE CARE Values

Our Mission and Vision are lived through our WE CARE Values: for our residents, customers, clients, partners and supporters; with the very young through to the very old, the vulnerable, with families through all of life’s stages and challenges.

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Wellbeing: you living your life with meaning, we partner with you to enhance your health, safety, comfort and spirituality.

Ethics: being genuine with you, leading with integrity and fulfilling Baptcare’s purpose in harmony with community expectations.

Co-creating: building personalised and innovative solutions with you and our allied partners, with your goals as our shared focus.

Accountability: fulfilling our commitments to you and accepting our responsibilities to continually improve.

Respect: understanding and embracing your individuality, standing up for your equality and protecting your dignity.

Effectiveness: being focused on achieving the best outcomes for you, with you.

Read more about how we live our Mission and Vision through our WE CARE Values for our customers and our staff. DOWNLOAD WE CARE Values

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