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We want to hear about your experience with Baptcare, good or bad. We value your opinion and encourage you to tell us what you think: it helps us to provide you with the best possible services. You have the right to raise concerns, make a complaint if you are unhappy and appeal against decisions that have been made. This will not impact your access to our services at any time.

We welcome feedback and use it to review and improve our services. We have a Privacy policy in place for the way we handle personal information. You can find it here.

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Send a compliment or feedback message directly to our Quality team via email.

Alternatively, download a feedback form of your choice below, print and fill it out and drop it into our nearest Baptcare Community Hub, Social Activities Centre or Residential Home or fill it out, save and send it to our Quality team via email.

AGED CARE Feedback Form

FACS TAS Feedback Form

FACS VIC Feedback Form

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