Aged Care Code of Practice

Baptcare has pledged our commitment to the Aged Care Voluntary Industry Code of Practice (the Code) on 1 February 2021.
Baptcare will publish on our website its VICOP Plan_July21-June22, for adopting the principles of the Code, we intend to publish our plan no later than 31 July 2021.

Aged Care Voluntary Industry Code of Practice – Commitment Statement

Baptcare’s Mission and Vision is underpinned by our commitment to our customers choice and control in the services they receive from us. Our approach is contemporary and evidence-informed, working alongside people and their families to help them achieve their goals and live their best life.

Through practice and innovation, Baptcare provides exemplary care and support enabling the people we serve to achieve their goals. This includes acknowledging the importance of dignity of risk in supporting people in living the life they want. Our customers inform our product and service development and Baptcare has a deep commitment to listening to our customers and to improve and expand our offerings in line with what they say. In everything we do, we also meet and strive to exceed our regulatory commitments to the various bodies that oversight our operations.

Our workforce built environment and way of working with customers recognises that we serve communities rich in diversity of language and culture. We honour and take pride in the way we encourage and respond to this diversity with the contemporary spiritual care practice we have in place being a part of our unique approach.

Our staff are experienced and are employed by us because they align to the Values that we uphold as an organisation.  We know that we can only deliver the service we do, because of the talents and skills of our staff and so we have a deep comment to attracting, developing, and retaining our uniquely skilled workforce.

To be a Baptcare staff member, this means to understand the importance of individual choice, privacy, and dignity for all customers and how important these are in enabling consumers maintain their individuality and sense of self.

Baptcare and RTO partnership development – Practice Statement

Employers and industry rely on registered training organisations (RTOs) and higher education institutions to provide essential skills and knowledge to both new entrants and existing employees.

Baptcare will endeavour to build and maintain strong engagement with RTO’s and other higher education providers to ensure that their services remain relevant to the needs of the employer and that graduates are job-ready, have received high quality training and assessment, and are able and confident so that we can provide innovative and quality care and services to all of our customers.

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