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We see the results of Australia’s housing crisis played out in the lives of our clients. Over the past decade, both buying and renting have become less affordable – especially for households reliant on social security or the minimum wage. Between 2001 and 2011, the median house price in Melbourne more than doubled. At the same time, average earnings increased by 58 percent. From 2002 to 2012, rents charged for houses increased by 76 percent and rents for apartments by 92 percent. By June 2011, people on Centrelink incomes could afford fewer than 10 percent of all rental properties available in Melbourne.

As a service to these people, in May 2014, Baptcare Affordable Housing Ltd. (BAH) was launched. BAH manages a total of five housing units in Boronia, eleven in Wangaratta and is currently building sixteen more. These provide financially disadvantaged people a home from which they can access a range of services including education, training and employment. Units are available to financially disadvantaged older people and people who earn a low income, are eligible for a health care card, have assets totalling less than $34,000 and are able to live independently.

In December 2013, there were 33,916 Victorians waiting for public housing. Baptcare is keen to increase its affordable housing and has further projects in the pipeline. We are interested in partnering with others, especially churches.

If you have land, existing buildings you are using to house disadvantaged people, or would like to get involved in any way, please contact John Timmer on 03 9831 7222.

If you are a Baptist Church, please get in touch with David Barker on 03 9831 7222.

As well as providing affordable housing, BAH also advocates for the disadvantaged people in our community.

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