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I have no hesitation in saying Baptcare is the best.
Matteo, Baptcare home care customer
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Baptcare’s Home Care Services help you live your best possible life at home as you age.

With Baptcare Home Care Services, we’ll provide the support you need to live each day, the way you’d rather live it – with fewer stresses, more support and greater connection.

From a friendly visitor to take you to the shops, right through to daily personal care, our wide range of services support you to maintain your health, independence and social life, while living in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.

Our Home Care options are:

  • Tailored to meet your individual needs
  • Flexible to meet your changing needs
  • Designed to make the most of your budget and your Home Care Package

Baptcare recognise that starting out with Home Care takes time. To help you discover how it’s delivered by the Australian Government via Baptcare, our team have organised the information into four sections.

As you progress through government funded home care system, you’ll receive a series of letters from My Aged care. To help we have created a page that outlines each My Aged Care letter. This page shows what each letter will look like and what you need to do. We hope you find these pages useful and clear.

I'm so grateful we've got Baptcare Home Care. I don't know what my husband and I would do without it.
Lynette, Baptcare Home Care customer
*Image changed to protect privacy
For enquiries call 13 22 78
Enjoying the comforts of home: Lynette and George
Lynette and George get a range of services and support through their Home Care Packages to help them stay living in their own home.
Living your best possible life: At home with Matteo
Baptcare’s carers can help you retain your independence at home while assisting you with your day to day life. For Matteo, this includes assistance with cleaning, gardening and maintenance.
Social Activities and Respite
Looking for social connection and care options in your community? Check out our Social Activities & Respite Centres.
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Why Baptcare?

While there are many Home Care Service Providers, Baptcare’s compassion, experience and outstanding staff mean we bring a unique level of care to you in your home.

We care about you, not profits. We reinvest funds in to community projects.
No entry fees, no exit fees, no start-up fees
Unlike others, we don’t charge entry, exit or start up fees for any of our Home Care Packages or services.
Caring staff
All our quality, caring staff are highly trained, have national police clearance. Personal Care Workers hold a minimum qualification of Certificate III in Aged Care and first aid training.
Approved Home Care Provider
Baptcare meets the Home Care Standards and Residential Aged Care standards set out by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC).
Baptcare has been recognised by the AACQA Better Practice Awards Program for the high level of care we provide.
Baptcare has been care-managing Home Care Packages for over 20 years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Baptcare?

Baptcare draws on more than 75 years of experience in aged care. We have been operating for more than 20 years and are a leading provider of aged care services in Victoria. In this time we have helped thousands of people, to get quality care. We aim to help you understand the aged care system.

Baptcare is a customer focused, faith based organisation. We provide residential and community care for older people. We offer a large range of services in aged care. We are able to offer guidance and support if your health or situation changes over time.

Can I change my current provider to Baptcare?

You can get Home Care Package services from another provider at any time.

Call the team at Baptcare on 13 22 78 to discuss your options. We’ll talk you through the steps and answer any questions you may have.

Who are your care workers? What checks and qualifications do they have?

Our personal care workers have a Certificate III in Home and Community Care or a Certificate III in Aged Care. Our care workers are required to have a current police check. They must also hold an Australian drivers licence, and first aid training. They also receive on-going training to ensure your care needs are met.

If your care worker is driving you to a an appointment, we require that their car is roadworthy and insured.

Our home care packages are usually delivered by people employed directly by Baptcare. If that’s not possible we have local partners who meet our quality and accreditation requirements deliver services for your home care package.

Can I have a Care Worker that speaks my language?

Where possible we’ll provide you with support services and care in your preferred language. For example, as part of their care plan, we currently have Personal Care Workers providing care in a number of different languages.

What letters will I receive from My Aged Care?

When you’ve been in touch with My Aged Care about a home care package, you’ll receive a series of letters. These letters are:

  • My Aged Care Welcome Letter
  • My Aged Care Waiting List Letter
  • My Aged Care Prepare Letter
  • My Aged Care Assignment Letter

To find out more about government funded aged care and the letters you'll receive, visit our 'Home Care - My Aged Care letters' page here.

What is the income tested fee (ITF)?

The income-tested care fee is an extra contribution that some people pay. This fee is determined by your aged care assessment, and it’s different for everyone. The fee is based on your individual income, including your pension. However, full pensioners do not pay an income-tested care fee.

For more information about the income-tested fee and funded aged care services, refer to the My Aged Care website.

Does Baptcare charge the basic daily fee?

Baptcare does not charge the basic daily fee. The basic daily fee is set by the government at a percentage of the single basic age pension. This fee varies depending on your Home Care Package level. For more information on the basic daily fee refer the My Aged Care website.

What are the costs of Home Care services?

The cost of a Home Care Package is based on:

  • how much the Australian Government pays (the subsidy)
  • how much you may need to pay (Home Care fees payable by you).

The subsidy the Australian Government pays varies according to the  level of Home Care Package you receive. This amount is paid to Baptcare as your Home Care Provider.

As part of your home care package budget, you may be expected to contribute to the cost of your care and services. You can find out more by calling Baptcare on 13 22 78. Or visit the My Aged Care website.

Do you have other questions?

Finding reliable information, understanding your options and applying for a Home Care Package can be difficult and confusing. Baptcare is here to help. We’re here to guide and support you, and your questions – no matter how big or small – are always welcome.

You can find more detailed Frequently Asked Questions in our FAQ section.

Or you can call us on 13 22 78 any time and speak with one of our friendly consultants.

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