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Your questions about Home Care Plans from Baptcare

Finding reliable information, understanding your options and applying for a Home Care Package can be difficult and confusing. Baptcare is here to help. We’re here to guide and support you, and your questions – no matter how big or small – are always welcome. Call us on 13 22 78 any time and speak with one of our friendly consultants.

How do I make a Home Care plan?

To get started Baptcare will already have some information about your care needs recorded at your ACAS/ACAT assessment.

Your Home Care Agreement includes both your care plan and package budget. Baptcare use this information, along with your personal preferences, to work with you to develop your care plan.

Baptcare will also prepare your care plan to work with any support you may currently have in place, such as carers, family, local community and other services.

We’ll help you use your Home Care Package funds to best suit your care needs.

You care plan includes a range of services, delivered as often as required to meet your care needs.

Does Baptcare have their own staff?

Baptcare employs over 3,000 staff across Victoria and Tasmania who are appropriately qualified and have been quality and police checked.

Who are Baptcare Care Workers and are they qualified?

Our Personal Care Workers have a minimum qualification of Certificate III in Home and Community Care, and/or Certificate III in Aged Care. Our Care Workers are required to have a current police check, hold an Australian driver’s licence, and have first aid training. They also receive on-going training to ensure your care needs are met.

If your Care Worker is transporting you for community access (for example, taking you to a medical appointment) we require that their car is roadworthy and insured.

People employed directly by Baptcare provide home help, home care and services in your home. If it’s not possible in your area for us to directly provide the services you require, Baptcare has provider partners that meet all our quality and accreditation requirements.

Can I have a Care Worker that speaks my language?

Where possible we’ll a provide you services and care in your preferred language.

For example, we currently have Personal Care Workers providing care to our clients in a number of different languages.

What is Care Management?

Care Management at Baptcare is more than just the coordination and provision of your Home Care services. We also working closely with you to create and adapt your care plan, as well as reviewing your plan to ensure that your living goals are being achieved.

You may choose the Baptcare Self-managed Home Care Package option, or if you select one of our Home Care management plans we’ll assist you in looking after some or all of the Care Management, depending on the plan you select.

When will I receive my Home Care plan?

Once your Home Care plan has been developed, Baptcare will share the final copy of the plan with you to review, before, or within 14 days of the commencement of your services.

Baptcare won't change your care plan without your consent, but if you do require changes you can contact us at any time.

Your care needs will change over time, so you must review your care plan once every 12 months. And, you can ask Baptcare to review your care plan any time you choose.

If you’ve been receiving services at a lower level, and then get approved at an assigned higher level, we’ll also review your care plan.

Who is Baptcare?

Baptcare draws on more than 75 years of experience in aged care. We have delivered government-funded Home Care Package services for more than 20 years and we’re a leading provider of packages in Victoria. In this time we’ve helped thousands of people – and their families and carers – to get the quality Home Care they need and navigate the complexities of the aged care system.

Baptcare is a customer-focused, faith-centred, purpose-driven organisation that provides quality residential and community care for older people. Our experience and the scope of our services across aged care means we’re able to offer guidance and provide caring support if your heath or situation changes over time.

We care about you, not profits. We reinvest funds in to community projects.
No entry fees, no exit fees, no start-up fees
Unlike others, we don’t charge entry, exit or start up fees for any of our Home Care Packages or Services.
Caring staff
All our quality, caring staff are highly trained, have national police clearance. Personal Care Workers hold a minimum qualification of Certificate III in Aged Care and first aid training.
Approved Home Care Provider
Baptcare meets the Home Care Standards and Residential Aged Care standards set out by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA).
Baptcare has been recognised by the AACQA Better Practice Awards Program for the high level of care we provide.
Baptcare has been care-managing Home Care Packages for over 20 years.

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