Kinship care programs

The decision on whether to become a kinship carer is very emotional… Baptcare is a great organisation. I’m not a person who asks for help very often but Baptcare is really amazing with what they’re able to offer and help with.
Gwen, Kinship Carer

What is kinship care?

Kinship care is where children or young people are placed with a family member, friend of the family or someone in the young person’s community when they are unable to stay at home with their parents.  Kinship care can help children and young people maintain connections with their family.

Our kinship programs

We provide services in Tasmania and Victoria. However, the programs run differently in each state. In Tasmania, carers are able to advise the department on their choice of provider, with many choosing Baptcare for this support. In Victoria carers are allocated to various agencies, including Baptcare rather than having a choice in this regard.
What the programs offer
If you’re a kinship carer, we can link you with support groups, training and kinship resources.
If you are concerned about a child’s wellbeing, you can call us to make a referral. Referrals can come from families, children and young people, child protection workers, the wider community, service providers and other professionals.
Alternatively, contact us via email.
Email us to make a referral
Kinship locations
Baptcare provides kinship support for the whole of Tasmania and Melbourne metropolitan suburbs in Victoria – Brimbank and Melton.
For more information or advice on our Kinship Care Service call 03 6323 6700 (Tasmania) or 03 9373 3800 (Victoria), 24/7 phone support is also available to carers registered with Baptcare.
Alternatively, contact us via email.
Email kinship care services
First Supports – Victoria
First Supports is aimed at supporting new Kinship placements in Melbourne metropolitan suburbs in Victoria – Brimbank and Melton, that are likely to last three months or longer.
A kinship care case manager provides up to 110 hours of family services, flexible brokerage to assist in the establishment of a placement, referrals to other services, and support as needed.
Contact us for more information
Community Kinship Program – Tasmania
Community Kinship Practitioners provide support to kinship placements, and partner with Mission Australia to ensure a consistent service for carers across the state.

We can provide assistance to establish a placement, referrals to other services, and support as needed.

If your family is involved with Child Protection, contact your case manager to discuss if this could assist you and your family.

After a kinship referral is made
Where appropriate we can talk with families about what assistance they need and if required undertake an initial needs and risk assessment.
Baptcare can provide information, advice and referrals to other suitable community supports and consult with culturally appropriate services to ensure a sensitive response. We will consult with Child Protection if there are serious concerns about safety.
Kinship Carer groups
If you’re a kinship carer in Tasmania, you can access this service to provide opportunities to meet others who also care for non-biological children. Activities include mutual support, sharing of parenting tips and other useful information.
Referral processes apply. To find out more information and where kinship groups meet call 03 6323 6700.
Kinship Carer groups are not currently operating in Victoria.

What can Baptcare do for you?

Below is a list of our value standards:

Client Centred and Safe
We are child centred and family focused. We value your individual interests and goals. We respect your right to participate in and guide planning, decisions and actions affecting your lives.
Listening to you, we identify common purpose. Working with you, we support you to reach your goals. Our team will always support you for better outcomes
Evidence-Based Best Practice
We provide supports, therapies and practices tailored to you, based on your needs. Staff are continually learning new skills to support you with outcomes that are responsive, flexible and timely.
Celebrate Diversity
Everyone is different – and we celebrate our differences. We include and celebrate all people to ensure safety and wellbeing.
We are assessed and accredited by state governments to ensure we are a suitable organisation to care for children.
Optimistic and Genuine
Staff are honest and open with you, and will assist you to ensure the best available outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Baptcare?

Baptcare is a not-for-profit community organisation dedicated to helping people through providing care, life skills and opportunities for independence and self-determination. We are a QIP (Quality Innovation Performance Limited is a not-for-profit health promotion charity with more than twenty years’ experience in community service accreditation and more than ten years’ experience in primary and secondary health care accreditation and related services.accredited service provider and are proud of the work we do to aid and improve our communities.

Where does Baptcare operate Foster and Kinship Care services?

Baptcare’s Foster and Kinship Care services are currently offered in Victoria and Tasmania. In Victoria we operate in Western Melbourne, and parts of North Melbourne, while in Tasmania our services cover the entire state. For more information, please see our pages on ‘Foster Care in Victoria’ and ‘Foster Care in Tasmania’.

Can I work with children from my culture?

Where possible, we aim to support placements within cultures. Being able to speak the same language as a young person can have positive outcomes. Children’s wellbeing is enhanced by learning and understanding their culture, and your ability to help teach a child about their cultural heritage is highly valued.

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