Busy bees make a difference through foster care

Busy bees make a difference through foster care

If you can find one weekend a month to offer respite foster care in your home, you could make a real contribution to a child’s life.

Providing respite care can be a good option for people who are working full-time or have busy families but want to give a child a positive and safe experience in their household.

If you feel your life is busy it’s fairly safe to say you’re not alone. When we speak to people about foster care we often hear that they’ve thought about it but are worried they can’t commit enough time.

But busy people, couples and families (perhaps like you) are making a big difference by providing respite care through Baptcare.

Busy bees make a difference through respite care

So what is respite care?

Respite carers provide a safe and nurturing home for children for shorter periods of time. For example:

  • Having a child stay regularly over a weekend once per month to help out mums and dads in the local community
  • To cover periods when a child’s usual foster carer goes away on holidays – from a couple of days through to a number of weeks
  • To help out when a child’s carer is ill.

For some people respite care also gives a sense of how other forms of foster care could work for them and their family. Foster carers, including those who offer respite care, come from all walks of life. Single, married, same-sex couples, full-time workers, stay at home parents, part-timers… the list goes on.

Baptcare is looking for foster carers in the Western and inner Northern suburbs of Melbourne. If you can open your heart and your home to one or more children we’d love to hear from you. Contact Ana on 03 9373 3800 and start the conversation today.