Early childhood support

Our Coordinator has been great! She is able to converse and engage with both of my girls in the planning.
Emily, parent of NDIS participants
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'Planning for your Future' booklet

For early childhood support call: 1800 290 555 Tasmania

Supporting children with disability and developmental delays

The early years of a child’s life are the foundation for all future development. Early experiences shape the developing brain and set up how children learn and develop later in life. Support provided early gives your child the best possible chance for them to reach their full potential.

If you have any concerns about your child’s development, it’s important to ask for help. Contact us today on 1800 290 555.

With support, every child can get the best possible start in life.

Starting your journey

If you’re a parent or carer of a child younger than 9 years of age with a disability or concern about your child’s development, Baptcare can help.

We are Early Childhood Partners of the NDIA, and can set up a wide range of services and supports for you, your child and your family.

Check to see if you live in an area where Baptcare works from our NDIS contact page here.

How can Baptcare help?
Baptcare is an NDIS Partner in the Community in Tasmania. Baptcare works with people of all ages and all kinds of disabilities.

When working with children 0-8, we’re called Early Childhood Partners. We can help your child and your family by connecting you with support and services, as part of an approach called Early Childhood Early Intervention.

Whether your child requires simple support or has complex needs, we can help you get the right kinds of support and services, at the right time to help your child thrive.

Early Childhood Early Intervention?
Early intervention is used to describe the services and support we can provide children with disability or developmental delays. These interventions can have a positive impact and help each individual child to reach their own unique potential.

Early intervention is specifically tailored to each child, and the support you’ll receive is different from support an older child or adult would receive. Examples of early intervention include strategies for parents, connecting with local play groups, & peer and allied health supports.

Early Childhood Coordinators
When you contact Baptcare, we’ll put you in touch with one of our caring, friendly Early Childhood Coordinators.

All our Coordinators are qualified and experienced in working with children with disability and developmental delays. In many cases our Coordinators are also parents of children with disabilities too.

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Coordinators, you and your child
Coordinators want to get to know you and your child. You can meet anywhere you feel comfortable – at home, at pre-school, even at a park. Once our Coordinator understands your situation and concerns, they’ll connect you with the right kinds of support in your community.

Such as: providing information and education programs to encourage skills and learning; access to short-term allied health support; introducing you to playgroups and other community activities in your area; and, if needed, help you understand and access funding through the NDIA.

Ongoing support
Your Coordinator is your go-to person to get you started with the local connections you need.

They’ll work alongside you and your child to promote your child’s learning and development.

We understand that the better we can support you, the better you can support your child. To help, your Coordinator will work with you to develop the skills and confidence you need to support the development of your child.

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Your Early Childhood Coordinator will help you with your NDIS journey

They can help you:

We connect you to the best supports
in your local community.
Connecting with communites
Assisting you to connect with the community and other mainstream services.
Specialist services
Link you with providers who meet your needs and will help you achieve your goals.
Government services
Learn what is the responsibility of other services such as health or education provided by state or territory governments.
Short Term Intervention
Our Early Childhood Coordinators will meet with you to discuss your concerns about your child.
Help to navigate the NDIS system
Our Coordinators can show you how to set up your myGov account, and your myplace portal page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Baptcare?

Baptcare draws on more than 75 years of experience in aged care. We have delivered government-funded Aged Care Home Care packages and services for more than 20 years. We became an NDIS partner in Tasmania in 2013  and in South Australia in 2018. In this time we have helped thousands of people and their families and carers to get quality care and navigate the complexities of both the Aged Care and Disability systems.

How can Baptcare help me access the NDIS and what do I need to provide?

Contact a coordinator in your region and they will talk you through any evidence you might need to provide. Find out more about eligibility by contacting us here.

What if I am not eligible for the NDIS?

Contact a coordinator in your region and they will help you explore the supports and connections available in your community. Find out more by contacting us here.

How do I complete my 'Planning for your Future' booklet and what do I do next?

Click on the link here. You can download a copy onto your computer and fill it in. This information will help a coordinator in your region get to know you and your individual circumstances. Let's have a chat. Contact us here.

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