Being a part of your Community

Our coordinator is always very helpful, will go out of her way to support us … She never does anything without checking with us, she has supported us very well through the NDIA journey.
Lea, parent of NDIS participant
*Image and name changed to protect privacy
'Planning for your Future' booklet

Call: 1800 290 555 Tasmania | 1800 960 595 South Australia

What can Baptcare help you with?

Our Local Area Coordinators (LACs) and Community Managers can help you become more a part of your community by supporting you through:

  • Knowledge and empowerment – You can be connected and have the information you need to make decisions and choices.
  • Contribution and respect – You can develop the skills and confidence to participate and contribute to your community and protect your rights.
  • Inclusive access – You can use and benefit from the same services and programs as others in your community.
  • Inclusive participation – You can participate in and benefit from the same community activities as others in your community.
  • Community representative – You can actively contribute to leading, shaping and influencing your community.

Stories about being a part of your community

Rostrevor Baptist Church: Video
Kadina Community: Video
Baptcare Local Area Coordination stories supporting people in the community: Video
Aboriginal Communities...
Our work with Aboriginal communities in the South Australian Yorke Mid North can look a little different to usual LAC and community engagement. We work across three Nations in the Yorke Mid North area: Nharangga, Nukunu and Ngadjuri.

Charlie Jackson (in blue shirt centre), the Aboriginal Health Team from Port Pirie and Elder Robert Wilton recently checked out the Napperby venue for the fire pit. Charlie went hunting and brought back kangaroo and emu as well as lamb’s tails for entrée. Kangaroo Tail is Charlie’s speciality.

image Yorke Mid North
Our LAC, Adnyamanthanha Elder, and OAM recipient, Charlie Jackson (second row centre with blue shirt), is seen here at a recent Men’s Nunga Lunch in Napperby in the Mid North of South Australia.

Some students from John Pirie High School in Port Pirie were invited to attend. These students have developed an amazing Indigenous Garden within their school grounds.

They met with Elders who shared stories with the students, and Charlie said it was a great day had by all.

image South Australia
We work with local Aboriginal communities and chat with Elders, community members and stakeholders about their needs during Nunga lunches, walk-in sessions, regular community meetings, and other events to get to know them and their understanding of the NDIS.

Our aim is to locate individuals and families and support their access to the NDIS process with an intensive support program. We look for barriers that the communities experience and find ways to overcome them, ensuring we work in a culturally respectful way.

Your Coordinator will help you with your NDIS journey

They can help you:

Understand your plan
Coordinators can help you understand your plan and what supports and services you can pay for with your NDIS funding.
Connecting with communites
Assisting you to connect with community and other mainstream services.
Specialist services
Link you with providers who meet your needs and will help you achieve your goals.
Government services
Learn what is the responsibility of other services such as health or education provided by state or territory governments.
Supporting people without an NDIS plan
Even if you don’t have an NDIS plan our Coordinators can help plan for your future and understand what services are available to you.
Help to navigate the NDIS system
Our Coordinators can show you how to set up your myGov account, and your myplace portal page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Baptcare?

Baptcare draws on more than 75 years of experience in aged care. We have delivered government-funded Aged Care Home Care packages and services for more than 20 years. We became an NDIS partner in Tasmania in 2013  and in South Australia in 2018. In this time we have helped thousands of people and their families and carers to get quality care and navigate the complexities of both the Aged Care and Disability systems.

How can Baptcare help me access the NDIS and what do I need to provide?

Contact a coordinator in your region and they will talk you through any evidence you might need to provide. Find out more about eligibility by contacting us here.

What if I am not eligible for the NDIS?

Contact a coordinator in your region and they will help you explore the supports and connections available in your community. Find out more by contacting us here.

How do I complete my 'Planning for your Future' booklet and what do I do next?

Click on the link here. You can download a copy onto your computer and fill it in. This information will help a coordinator in your region get to know you and your individual circumstances. Let's have a chat. Contact us here.

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