The Orchards: The right aged care choice for Merle and her daughters

The Orchards: The right aged care choice for Merle and her daughters

When Merle Atherton’s doctor recommended she move into residential aged care, Merle's daughters decided that Baptcare The Orchards Community was the best place for their mum.

A personal approach to aged care

Merle says that she has been happy with the decision from the moment she arrived. “When I got here and saw what it was like, I thought, ‘yes, they’ve made the right choice’.” The care she receives is outstanding, says Merle. “The staff are always very willing to help and, because the same carers look after you, they get to know you well and they understand what you need.”

Merle says that one of her favourite things about life at Baptcare The Orchards Community is the food. “Every time you sit down to a meal, the food is beautifully prepared and well chosen. It’s great to go into the dining room and find a menu with a variety of choices so that everybody gets what they want.”

Designed for ease and enjoyment

For Merle, the thoughtful design of the facility is something that she notices every day. “It’s so well put together,” she says. “You have absolutely everything you’d ever need, and you live in comfort.”

Though there are many shared areas to choose from, Merle says her favourite place to spend time is the ‘winter garden’ walkway. “I often go up there and make a coffee and watch the world go by. It’s such a pleasant place to sit.”

Merle recalls with fondness a day when her daughters brought her dog in to visit. “We were outside in the courtyard and it was just lovely. There were children playing in the cubby house and we were all having fun together.”

A friendly and welcoming community

The social nature of Baptcare The Orchards Community makes it truly feel like home, says Merle. “Everybody speaks to everybody. You get to know the people around you as you’re coming and going, and everyone in the dining room is friendly when you arrive. People know who you are and always like to have a chat.”

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