Norene's story: Why Brookview is a 'home away from home'

Norene's story: Why Brookview is a 'home away from home'

Norene Lawrence “likes being first in everything”, so she was more than happy to be the first resident to move into Baptcare Brookview Community.

Norene and her children decided it was time for her to move into residential aged care when it became clear she was struggling to live at home on her own. “I couldn’t look after myself at home and there was no-one to look after me. I was sinking down and down and not eating properly,” says Norene.

That all changed when Norene moved into Baptcare Brookview Community. “Now everything is looked after. I get three meals a day, plus morning and afternoon tea and supper at night,” says Norene. “My kids are absolutely delighted that I am being so well looked after.” Norene says that she has everything she needs at Baptcare Brookview Community. “My room is beautiful – it’s more like a suite. I have my own toilet, shower and television so I’m very comfortable.”

The features of Baptcare Brookview Community that stood out to Norene’s family were the cleanliness of the facility and the views of the beautiful surroundings, says Norene. She adds that her favourite aspect is the on-site hairdressing salon, which she already frequents.

A community that welcomes families

Another drawcard for Norene’s family was that Baptcare Brookview Community is close to home, so it’s easy for them to visit. The community welcomes families to visit at any time of the day, says Norene. “My children and grandchildren visit me here often and we go for walks or just sit around chatting.”

Staff that go the extra mile for you

Norene says that the care she receives at Baptcare Brookview Community is outstanding. “The staff are so accommodating – nothing is a trouble,” says Norene.

“They’ll knock on the door and say ‘Norene, it’s time for morning tea. Do you want to come down or do you want it brought up to you?’ and that sort of thing.” Norene says she would highly recommend Baptcare Brookview Community to others. “If your mum or dad is having trouble living on their own, bring them up here to take a look. It really is a home away from home, and the people here do everything they can to make you feel comfortable.”

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