Brookview: an aged care community that values every person

Brookview: an aged care community that values every person

Situated beside Broadmeadows Valley Park, Baptcare Brookview Community is home to a diverse and friendly group of people.

A welcoming community

People from all walks of life are welcomed into Brookview, says Sandra Gorah, a carer at the new residential aged care community in Westmeadows. “We take people as they are and give them the great care they deserve. This is their home.”

Belinda Glover, another carer at the community, says government supported places are available. “There are a lot of people out there struggling in the community, who probably think they could never get into a place like this. They might be surprised to hear that they actually could.”

One resident who has recently moved in is Ken Maloney, a 44-year-old “Broady boy”. After regular hospitalisations because of his diabetes, Ken decided he needed a higher level of care than he could receive at home. “I was having trouble remembering to take tablets and insulin and things like that. Here, if you forget, they remind you and keep things going.”

Ken says he has made some great friends since moving in. “I get along with everyone here. I make them laugh and help them out when I can.”

A community that promotes independence

Michael at Brookview

According to Belinda, Brookview treats each resident as an individual. “We get to know what people can do and assist with what they can’t do. This helps our residents maintain their independence and their dignity. It’s all about their choice – what they want.”

Michael Giddings, a resident who has lived in the area for 50 years, says being independent is very important for his wellbeing. Though wheelchair bound, Michael visits the Broadmeadows Shopping Centre 4 days a week. “The staff are very good to me. I just tell the staff I’m going out and they arrange for me to do my shopping or attend appointments. I do everything for myself and I’m proud of it.”

A place that feels like home

The staff at Brookview always go the extra mile to make you feel at home, says Selma Geguc, a resident who is originally from Turkey. “If the carers notice that you are sad or sick, they ask what happened and see how they can help.” The community also has a warm and homely atmosphere, says Selma. “Everyone is always smiling and it makes you feel very welcome.” Sandra says the staff enjoy talking to the residents to learn about their cultures, using that knowledge to shape how they care for them. “We learn little bits of their language and add signs in their room to make their life easier and make them feel comfortable.”

What to expect at Baptcare Brookview Community:

  • A strong, multicultural community that values every person
  • A family-friendly environment
  • A wide range of on-site services
  • Private rooms, each with a large window, adjustable bed, flat-screen TV and ensuite bathroom

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