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At Baptcare, we take great pride in the quality of care we deliver. We provide personalised care that focusses on our residents’ individual needs.

Registrered Nurses are on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our Registered Nurses work in teams alongside our personal care staff to cater for our residents’ broad range of changing needs.

For some residents our care supports them to carry out everyday activities as independently as possible. For example this could include bathing, foot care, or monitoring medication.

For some residents with higher needs the care we provide is more complex, taking into account multiple health requirements. However our goal is still the same: to provide care that supports people to live as independently and fully as they can.

We provide ageing-in-place. This means that if a residents health changes, they can get a higher level of care within the community they know where at all possible.


Our care team

Baptcare Home Managers are senior Registered Nurses, bringing years of aged healthcare experience into our day-to-day care practices. We also have Registered Nurse Unit Managers for clinical oversight of smaller residents groups.

Our care team also includes:

  • Podiatrists (foot care)
  • Physiotherapists (exercise, mobility, strength and balance)
  • Speech therapists (communicating, swallowing or eating)
  • Dietitians (food and nutrition assessment and advice).

We employ regular nursing and personal care staff, and have regular casual staff so that residents feel comfortable and familiar with our care team. We endeavour to rarely use agency care staff.

Meet one of our favourite residents Shirley

Personalised care plans and care reviews

We sit down with residents to really understand their health and wellbeing needs. Family members are invited to be part of this process. We create a plan that includes clinical care requirements, broader support needs, care from health professionals including podiatrists, physiotherapists, and GPs. As part of this we look at social, leisure or lifestyle opportunities, as well as ways that our pastoral care staff can offer emotional and spiritual support if it suits. Regular reviews help families to keep up-to-date with any changes, and for the care team to monitor overall health and welling.

We’re accredited and focussed on best practice

Accreditation: Our residential aged care homes are accredited through the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency. To achieve accreditation, we are audited against 44 expected outcomes every three years.

Awards: Baptcare have received a number of Australian Aged Care Agency Better Practice Awards in recent years, including for Excellence in Health and Personal Care – Psychotropic Medication Use, Evaluation and Review in Aged Care, our Be Inspired Program, and Improving resident Engagement.

We ask for feedback: At Baptcare we invite feedback from residents and families at all times. We undertake a formal survey at least once a year to prioritise improvements and changes.

Our care is about more than health...

We provide pastoral care to residents and their families in our aged care communities. Our Chaplains offer emotional and spiritual support to people of all backgrounds and beliefs, whether they are from a religious background or not. It is highly flexible and personalised support, with a focus on calm and attentive listening and conversation.

There is no fee involved with our pastoral care services, they are part of our day-to-day commitment to nurturing the complete person in our care, and what is important to them. Find out more about our pastoral care services.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use my own GP?

Yes, you are welcome to use your own GP, or other health professionals. We also have strong relationships with local GP’s, and can organise for you to use them.

Do you provide palliative care (end of life care)?

We offer attentive care and support to residents who require end of life care. We endeavour to extend our support sensitively to families, including the emotional and spiritual support that our pastoral care team offer.

Are your residential aged care homes accredited?

Our residential aged care homes are accredited through the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency. To achieve this accreditation, we are audited against 44 expected outcomes every three years.

High level care: Can you provide PEG feeding, catheter care, wound care and other higher level care needs?

Yes, we are able to provide care for higher level needs. Talk to us about your situation and needs and we can help you to understand if our care services are right for you.

Can I get respite care (short term care) in your residential aged care homes?

Yes, shorter term respite care is available in Baptcare aged care homes. Contact the Baptcare residential aged care communities located near you to find out about upcoming availability. Respite care can be suitable if your carer is away, or needs a break. It can also be a good way to ‘try’ a residential aged care home.

Can I use my NDIS funding at Baptcare?

No, Baptcare is not a provider of NDIS services and is unable to because we have a contract for Local Area Coordination with the NDIA, preventing us from providing NDIS services.

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