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Leave a bequest in your will

What better gift can you give to future generations than leaving a bequest to Baptcare in your Will? A bequest will touch the hearts and souls of countless people in Victoria and Tasmania – young and old.

By supporting Baptcare, in this way, you could make such a difference to:

  • Older people who need residential or community care
  • Children who need foster care
  • Youth in crisis
  • Families who may need a listening ear or more tangible support
  • People with a disability
  • Homeless people in our community
  • Asylum seekers, living lawfully in the community, who face isolation and depression
  • People who may be facing financial hardship and unable to afford housing
  • People looking for spiritual comfort, companionship, emotional healing and guidance, particularly during times of distress, loss and grief.

Bequest stories: Touching the future of children in foster care

Baptcare’s foster and kinship care programs provide care for children in the homes of volunteer caregivers. The carers provide safe and supportive homes for children when they are unable to live with their own parents.

By thoughtfully leaving a bequest in their Wills, the late Mary Alison Western (a teacher who loved children and wanted to help those in foster care) and the late Violet Grace Lake, have improved the lives of children in foster and kinship care.

One of the key gaps for people who go through the foster care system is lack of information about their life’s journey. Baptcare, along with other agencies in Victoria that provide foster care, has been tracking and reporting this information to the Department of Human Services. However with each agency having different approaches it was like reinventing the wheel each time. Now, with the gifts from Mary and Violet, this has changed!

The bequest monies from these caring and generous ladies have enabled Baptcare to employ a Project Worker to capture information about children in foster care and kinship care to build their story and celebrate milestones in their lives. This becomes a living document containing information that goes with the child when they either go home or on to another foster care placement. So the next time they visit the doctor, or go to a different school, there is a clear record of their history.

The bequests by Mary Allison Western and Violet Grace Lake have touched the future for these children.

For more information on leaving a bequest to Baptcare, please contact the Donor team. Phone: 03 8855 4825. Email: fundraising@baptcare.org.au

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