What happens in Men’s Sheds?

Men’s Sheds play a crucial role in improving men’s health and wellbeing. They are a well spring of camaraderie, creativity and support. Drawing on the iconic Australian backyard image of the garden shed, these community-based organisations are a hub of activity and support where men can feel included and supported.

The Men’s Shed experience

Here’s what you might find going on inside:

  • Shared projects: Men gather to work on various projects – woodworking, metalwork, gardening or even repairing bicycles. The focus isn’t just on the end results: it’s about the process and the connections formed during these activities.
  • Skill sharing: Sheds are places of skill exchange. Whether you’re a seasoned craftsman or a novice, there’s always something to learn or teach. The atmosphere is supporting, encouraging men to explore new skills.
  • Social interaction: Men’s Sheds provide a social lifeline. Participants chat, share stories and build friendships. It’s a space that never feels lonely and laughter frequently echoes through the shed.
  • Health and wellbeing: spending time with each other in shared activities provides significant mental and physical health benefits. There’s a sense of purpose, routine and social engagement which positively impacts ‘Shedders’ overall wellbeing.

Community benefits

Men’s Sheds contribute to the broader community in several ways:

  • Community projects: Sheds often collaborate with local schools, charities and other organisations. They build community gardens, repair playground equipment and create wooden toys for children.
  • Mentoring: Shedders mentor young people, passing on valuable skills and life lessons.
  • Events and workshops: Sheds host events, workshops and talk on health, safety and other relevant topics. These gatherings foster education and awareness.

Want to know more about your local Men’s Shed?

Click here to link the Australian Men’s Shed Association where you can find out more about this fantastic, supportive community and link to your local shed.

Fun fact:

Did you know that singer, John Paul Young, released a song about Men’s Sheds? Click here to link to the music video along with The Shed Wireless podcast, which John also hosts.

As John sings in his fabulous song – “There’s something for you at the Men’s Shed” – so why not give it a try?