Volunteers - the unsung heroes

This week is National Volunteer Week, held annually to celebrate and acknowledge the generous contribution the six million or so volunteers make across Australia.

Of these six million volunteers, around 650 are proud Baptcare volunteers, volunteers who generously contribute approximately 40,000 hours of service every year!

At Baptcare Wyndham Lodge alone, our volunteers contributed 350 hours in the month of March.

One such volunteer is Rosy Chhetri, who has always been passionate about caring for others in the community.

Rosy came on board as a volunteer at the Lodge, but her passion and commitment soon earned her a role as Personal Care Assistant and eventually an Enrolled Nurse, after she completed her qualifications in nursing.

“I wanted to work somewhere where staff and residents are given priority, where they take pride in delivering good care to the residents,” Rosy said.

While completing her education, Rosy worked as a barista at a local cafe and was approached by a customer who recommended Baptcare.

“As soon as I came here everyone were so good… the staff and management really supported me. I’d recommend volunteering 100 per cent because through volunteering I’ve been able to develop my confidence and the environment just makes you so happy,” she said.

Baptcare volunteers like Rosy, along with our foster carers Nicole and Ellen, are the unsung heroes of our community, heroes who make our vision of creating communities where every person is cherished, a reality.

This week and every other week after, let us support and acknowledge our volunteers as they continue delivering the best of care.