Volunteer takes residents on historical journey

Matthew Etty-Leal has one of those minds that simply recalls moments in history. He's the person who mesmerises you with his knowledge and ability to tell a story.

Every Monday evening, for 45 minutes, our Hedley Sutton ​residents are taken on a journey through time as they explore Australian cities, regions and even politicians with Mr. Etty-Leal, a dedicated Baptcare volunteer.

Mr Etty-Leal has always been connected to Baptcare, beginning with his high school years when Mr Hedley Sutton himself played an influential role in his education.

His passion for the residents of Hedley Sutton is incredibly evident, and with such a high demand for new topics, he is always researching and attempting to choose topics of personal significance to the residents.

"I like to engage the residents by encouraging them to come up with memories about the topic. We do a lot of sessions around the 50s and 60s eras because it gets the residents involved," Mr Etty-Leal says, adding he even gets the residents involved in the sessions.

"Colin is a resident at Hedley Sutton and always wants to help. He presses the button for the PowerPoint presentation for me.

"The residents really enjoy learning about things that they experienced themselves. I am aiming to involve the residents further by getting them to come up with future ideas for sessions."

With over 40 sessions to his name, Mr Etty-Leal has worked in charities for nearly 25 years. Alongside volunteering and delivering sessions at a variety of aged care homes, he also drives people to medical appointments.

An all-round Good Samaritan, Mr Etty-Leal loves teaching Australian history and wants to continue for many years to come.

Volunteers like Mr Etty-Leal play a significant role in the lives of our residents and are play an integral part in helping us deliver the best of care to our residents. ​