Update: Wyndham Lodge Community - Werribee, Victoria

Posted: 29 August 2020

Baptcare can confirm that there are currently 68 active cases of COVID-19 linked to Baptcare Wyndham Lodge Community in Werribee. Following the latest round of mass testing, an additional one case for a staff member has been confirmed since yesterday.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce a resident of Wyndham Lodge passed away yesterday due to COVID-19. We extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to the resident’s family, loved ones, fellow residents and our team who cared for him.

There are currently 20 active cases among residents, including six who are receiving care in hospital. All other residents continue to receive care and support as they recover in a separate area of Wyndham Lodge.

Currently, there are 48 active cases among staff who are either isolating or in care. We continue to be in touch with them regularly and support them in their recovery. For those staff who have been deemed ‘close contacts’, they continue to isolate and be tested as a precaution.

In a joint effort with state and federal health agencies, Baptcare continues to make every effort possible to protect our residents and staff by limiting the spread of COVID-19 within Wyndham Lodge and again become a COVID-free facility as soon as possible.

We continue to communicate daily with all families of residents by telephone and email to provide them with during this challenging time.

Baptcare remains focused and committed to providing our best to care for all residents and protect our staff – their health and wellbeing remains our unwavering number one priority.

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