Update: Wyndham Lodge Community, Werribee, Victoria

Posted: 17 September 2020

Baptcare can confirm that as of 17 September 2020, no new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) have been diagnosed at Wyndham Lodge since yesterday.

We have received all the test results from yesterday’s round of testing on site. They were all negative. In addition, a further eight residents and two staff have recovered and been cleared by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). We are greatly encouraged by these results and they further strengthen our resolve to eradicate this virus from Wyndham Lodge.

We can confirm that there are currently 43 active cases of COVID-19 linked to Baptcare Wyndham Lodge Community in Werribee:

  • There are currently four active cases among residents at Wyndham Lodge who are receiving care and support as they recover in a separate area of the facility – a decrease of eight since yesterday.
  • In addition, there are 15 residents who are active cases receiving care in hospital – an increase of two since yesterday.
  • Currently, there are 24 active cases among staff who are isolating – a decrease of two since yesterday.
  • Sadly, to date, 22 residents have passed away with a COVID-19 positive diagnosis.

We continue to work towards a COVID-free community, floor by floor and putting in place actions to create our third cleared zone. We continue to implement additional cleaning to remove any traces of the virus.

The safety, health and well-being of residents remains paramount. Baptcare continues to work with the Australian and Victorian governments, Western Health and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission to manage the COVID-19 outbreak.

Caring for all residents, staff and family members and safeguarding the most at-risk are our key priorities. While visitor restrictions are in place, we are working to communicate closely with residents and their nominated representatives, to maintain connections.

Baptcare remains focused and committed to providing our best care for all residents and to protect our staff – their health and well-being remains our unwavering number one priority.

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