Supporting our people

A migrant’s experience is often fraught with a number of challenges and for Baptcare employee, Sirisha Koduri this involved leaving behind family, friends and a lucrative job to start life afresh in Australia.

Sirisha started at Baptcare in 2014 as an intern but was later offered a permanent position, allowing her to bring her daughter to Australia and reuniting the Koduri family.

“I left India after I got married and came here with my husband, but it was very hard to find a job, because I was on a temporary residency visa,” she said.

“To migrate permanently I had to start my career from scratch – I started a Masters in Management Information Systems while interning at Baptcare and working at Subway, while my husband worked as a PCA at Baptcare.”

“Due to financial circumstances and education commitments we were in a share house and I had to send my 18 month old daughter to live with my parents back in India.”

However things soon started looking up for Sirisha. She was offered a casual position At Baptcare in May 2015 and soon moved up as a Help Desk Officer in March 2016.

The opportunity provided by Baptcare is one Sirisha will always cherish.

“I’m very thankful to Baptcare and all the people who’ve supported me throughout the entire time. I feel very lucky to be here and I’ve always been dedicated to Baptcare, even as an intern,” Sirisha said.

After attaining permanent residency in Australia last year, the Koduri family has since been able to bring their daughter back from India. The future looks bright for the family, with Sirisha adding that her colleagues have commented on “how confident and happy I am now that my daughter is back”. At four years of age, the little girl is enjoying life in Australia, often teaching her mum Australian slang she picks up at school.

“It was difficult to leave (my daughter) back in India, but after getting a permanent role, we were more stable financially and were also able to save money and rent our own house,” she said.

Baptcare will have a permanent place in Sirisha’s heart and will serve as a new chapter in her life here in Australia. Some of the highlights at Baptcare have included forming new friendships, an ongoing journey of discovery and a certificate of recognition from the Service Desk Team.

“I’ve learnt a lot at Baptcare and have been supported throughout this process,” Sirisha said adding, “I’ve given 100 per cent to my role whether I was an intern or in a permanent position and that will stay the same in the future too.”

Looking back on her initial foray into the Australian job market, Sirisha remembers the challenges, but also the people who gave her a chance, managers at Baptcare who were willing to mentor and guide her, instilling a deep sense of pride and commitment to Baptcare.