Spiritual care makes all the difference

Cheryl Williams, a Chaplain for our Northern In Home Care team recently met with a new customer who had not received pastoral care during her three year journey with Baptcare and highlights the difference it made to her life.

“Amy* was a carer to her husband (a Baptcare customer) who had suffered a stroke leaving him unable to move, apart from small hand movements, and unable to speak,” said Cheryl.

“Amy had grief upon grief – she grieved the loss of future retirement plans, the loss of friends who seemed to have disappeared and the loss of intimacy.

“Over a three hour pastoral care session Amy outpoured her grief, fears and concerns and we were able to come up with a plan and set of priorities for her including securing the right care team for her situation, accessing pastoral care monthly, finding a place near the surf for her and her husband to go for a short holiday (which was a deep desire for the couple), encouraging her to use respite for herself, and discovering an appropriate carer’s group for her to join.

“Through this pastoral care session Amy indicated how much better she felt having been able to talk through things,” said Cheryl.

Pastoral care aims to strengthen what keeps individuals going – the things that have made a difference in their life, both seen and unseen. It focuses on truly getting to know people and genuinely hearing what is important for them to express and share in their lives.

Baptcare offers customers and their families’ additional emotional and spiritual support through chaplains and pastoral carers at no charge. Pastoral care gives personalised, flexible support to people of all backgrounds and beliefs, and is designed to strengthen spiritual wellbeing.

*name changed to protect individual’s privacy.