Dennis realises masters dream

Baptcare Home Help customer, Dennis Seymour recently proved you are never too old to learn something new.

The 86-year-old recently graduated with a Masters of Visual Arts from Federation University Gippsland as one of the oldest indigenous Australians to attain a master’s level education.

“I was ancient compared to the other students…but it was great to learn from each other,” Mr Seymour said.

Heavily influenced by his mother’s admiration for Australian landscapes, Mr Seymour’s love for art and painting began as a hobby which burgeoned into a quest for knowledge.

“I’ve been an artist and taught art for many years, but I wanted to satisfy myself. I was encouraged to get an education thinking I could never get one” he said.

Mr Seymour’s work reflects his indigenous roots while maintaining a contemporary edge.

“I always liked painting and looking at landscapes. I started painting using the traditional Aboriginal style of creating dots and lines before progressing to painting landscapes and aspects of our culture. I tried oil paintings and water colours but the ochre technique [grinding stones to a powder and mixing them with fluid, resulting in rich, earthy colours to paint with] I fell in love with. It’s a beautiful medium.”

Dennis has been a customer of Baptcare since 2012 and currently receives a Level 2 Home Care Package. He receives weekly home care, access to two planned activity groups, transport to medical appointments and foot care.

Baptcare extends our heartfelt congratulations to Dennis!

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