Sanctuary opens two new rooms

An additional two people experiencing homelessness will now have a place to call home thanks to Baptcare’s Sanctuary program opening a further two rooms at our Brunswick site.

Opened in 2008 in response to the growing impact of homelessness on people seeking asylum in the community, our Brunswick Sanctuary site currently houses 28 men seeking asylum and offers transitional housing as well as material, emotional and spiritual support while residents await the outcome of their protection visa application.

Sanctuary residents have their own room and share common areas where they can socialise, participate in classes and activities run by volunteers, and access on-site caseworkers. Food is provided through a volunteer run foodbank program and residents cook for themselves and each other in shared kitchens.

It is through the expansion and relocation of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Catering Service which was previously run from the Brunswick site which has made these two new rooms possible with the former site kitchen turned into an office and the former offices made into new rooms for residents.

Each resident’s journey to Sanctuary is different like Oluwa, Kashif and Abdul but residents typically have histories of torture and trauma often followed by prolonged periods of immigration detention and then homelessness. Sanctuary cannot resolve all of the issues faced by residents arising from the complex and challenging personal circumstances that led to them seeking asylum, or the uncertainty of the outcome of their protection application, but it does assist with the physical and emotional needs of the residents and supports them to participate in the community in various ways, while awaiting the outcome of their protection application.

We look forward to welcoming two new people into our Sanctuary program and providing them with safety, opportunity and a fair go.

For more on our Sanctuary program and for ways in which you can help click here or contact Baptcare’s Operations Manager Housing and Homelessness, Jason Perdriau, on 03 8480 9006.

Contact: Annemarie Watt

Phone: 0428 063 664