RCUS a saving grace for kids

Baptcare’s Reaching Children through Universal Services (RCUS) project works with vulnerable children, like Jaycob*, affected by family violence to deliver trauma-informed counselling and therapeutic case management.

Jaycob was removed from his mother’s care by DHHS due to family violence between his parents and his mother’s ongoing, untreated mental health issues. Despite being placed in his grandmother’s care, Jaycob was still having trouble at school, having developed a speech and hearing impediment and lacked the ability to concentrate in class.

Jaycob and his grandmother worked with a RCUS program counsellor, available through the school he attends, to strengthen Jaycob’s emotional intelligence and social skills, understand his emotions and manage his response, and to learn how to cope with the changes to his family.

His principal, Joanne, believes that having the RCUS program at their school creates connections and allows Baptcare to help children desperately in need of support.

“Having an onsite social worker that can make connections with families within the school community and build relationships with children and families in a familiar environment is invaluable. It assists families who are often reluctant to engage with services outside of the school environment.” Joanne said.

For Jaycob, the weekly program took four months of intensive work, where the counsellor was able to help improve his emotional vocabulary and understanding of different emotions, his ability to demonstrate a good understanding of friendship skills and was observed playing with others at school. Jaycob is one of the many examples of youths from 0-18 years of age who have experienced family violence this program works with.

*name changed to protect privacy.

Contact: Annemarie Watt

Phone: 0428 063 664