Pastoral care workers take out top awards

Congratulations to Brad Taylor and Annette Sims who won the Best of Care Team Award at Spiritual Care Australia’s (SCA) National Awards in Hobart on 21 April. The award was presented by SCA's Executive Officer, Matt Glover.

Brad and Annette were commended for establishing a credible and highly regarded pastoral care offering in the FACS teams in Tasmania. Feedback from senior staff from the Launceston and Hobart teams formed part of the award application.

Some comments on their services:

“The position has been going extremely well. We have seen wonderful outcomes for our clients that generally would have no alternate service. The service is very flexible and client focused.”

“Annette attends many of our team meetings and she is always ready to share ideas and explore opportunities for our workers to engage and improve upon their communication techniques and style.  She is always gentle in her approach and she has an air of enthusiasm which is contagious. Passionate and dedicated to her work whether this be with clients, or staff who need that little something to make their world a better place.”

“Brad has been supportive and non-judgemental in all my discussions with him.”

“I have had no hesitation in referring clients to Brad.”

“I have not worked in a service with pastoral care/chaplaincy before. Working with Brad has shown me the value of having someone who can listen, support and assist clients spiritually if that is their need.”