Milestone Wyndham launch


Wyndham has always had a strong community connection and local support and the new building will continue that legacy.

This week, the existing 30 residents will move into their new home, including, Joyce Perry. Joyce’s great grandparents were the Hopper family of Hoppers Crossing fame, and the extended family has had a long association with the area. Joyce has been a resident of Wyndham Lodge for almost nine years, its longest residing resident.

Residents like Joyce are who inspired us to ensure that the lodge maintained its connection and history with the wider community. We worked closely with the Wyndham Ladies Auxiliary, whose members made the former Wyndham Lodge Board.

Speaking at the official opening last week, president of the Wyndham Ladies Auxiliary, Margo Kendall found it hard to contain her enthusiasm for the development.

“Baptcare, you have done Werribee proud!”

“This development was badly needed and now it is done. When we were seeking a partner to take on Wyndham Lodge, we were looking for two things: someone who cared, and someone who had the money and the vision – Baptcare had both. I am so pleased with the outcome,” she said.

Wyndham’s Director of Nursing, Kiragu Mugo said he was overwhelmed with the responses from visitors and has already reserved a number of rooms for potential residents. Over 250 people visited the facility last week during our open days.

“People are really thrilled and happy and want to be part of the Wyndham Lodge Community,” Kiragu said. “They really identify with the history of this place and the Baptcare mission. We had one visitor come in and her name meant ‘life’. Her family took the room because our mission of cherishing people for the fullness of life aligned with her name and their values.”

With recruitment currently underway and staff preparing to move residents in this week, we congratulate and wish staff and residents at Baptcare Wyndham Lodge Community all the very best!