Melbourne Symposium challenges dementia assumptions

On Monday, 6 October 2014, PASCOP in partnership with Baptcare will host a ground-breaking seminar on the topic of caring for people with dementia.

This seminar forms part of the PASCOP Meaningful Ageing Seminar Series and is entitled: Forgetting memory loss and remembering each other – you, me and dementia.

This half-day seminar will feature two leaders in the field of dementia, sharing the latest findings from research as well as recent practice implementations that have resulted in a renewed ability to truly connect and have meaningful relationships in the midst of the challenges dementia can bring.

Nearly every Australian has contact to a greater or lesser extent with a person suffering from dementia. Many of us are quietly panicking about a future for ourselves or our loved ones with ‘memory loss’. But does it have to be like this?


Steven Sabat is Professor of Psychology at Georgetown University in Washington DC, an expert on enhancing communication between people with Alzheimer’s disease and their carers. The title of his book The Experience of Alzheimer’s Disease: Life though a Tangled Veil (Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 2001) demonstrates that recognising the importance of the subjective experience of dementia is central to caring for people living with the disease.

Steven will present on how the term, "memory loss" is truly incoherent and unhelpful in connection with people with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

Daniella Greenwood is National Strategy and Innovation Manager for Arcare. Key areas of responsibility include:  change management; research; stakeholder engagement in the development of new organisational values; development of Arcare's dementia strategy; development and implementation of a Relationship-centred model of care; development and implementation of Dedicated Staffing (consistent staffing assignment); re-development of Arcare’s lifestyle offering to embrace their new focus on the development of deep and respectful relationships, rather than on the management of ‘problems’. With a background in music composition and performance, Daniella graduated with distinction in 2011 with a BHlthSci (Leisure & Health). Daniella is passionate about celebrating - rather than pathologising - the gift of old age.

Daniella will present on a relational approach to supporting people living with dementia as they continue to live their lives, grow and experience continued joy and connection with others.