Living independently in Hobart

LIKE any 26 year old, Sasha Walker from Hobart values her independence and wants to spend her twenties building the foundations for a solid future.

She began working with one of Baptcare’s Tasmanian Local Area coordinators, Cassie Hoskins, six months ago to achieve two of her major goals; finding open employment and living independently with her friend.

Sasha was eligible for self-directed funding under the new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) model due to a mild learning disability and with the help of Baptcare she’s creating the life she wants.

“I didn’t want to live in supported housing with people I don’t know,” Sasha said. “It was important to me to get out on my own, do things by myself and live with who I wanted.”

Sasha’s housemate of choice is her good friend Leah, who she met a year ago on Facebook. Sharing a love of cooking, music and movies the pair were excited to move into their own place in January.

“It’s really nice living with a friend and it helps that we both like keeping things clean.”

At present Sasha is working at Blueline Laundry in Hobart, an Australian Disability Enterprise, but is hoping to find open employment as a kitchen hand. “I love cooking so I think I’d really like to try working in a busy kitchen.”

With the help of Baptcare and a disability employment organisation in Hobart called Headway, Sasha is building her resume, practising interview techniques and applying for that all important dream job!

Cassie, Sasha’s dedicated coordinator, believes these positive outcomes and her autonomous lifestyle have been easier to achieve under the new NDIS funding model. “Sasha knows what she wants and she’s more than capable of getting it. It’s really positive to see the successes she’s achieved and the happiness her independence gives her.”