Honouring a loss through care

Hedley Sutton’s Ana Jimenez celebrated an incredible 20-year career with Baptcare recently. Her extensive profile spans a life from a young office clerk to a figurehead of care giving in the aged care community. Ana has dedicated her time and love to delivering the best of care to our residents, as a way to reconnect with the family she lost as a child.

“I lost my mother when I was 11 and my father died young. I lived with my grandparents so I had a deep connection and understanding with elderly people,” Ana said.

Ana was introduced to Hedley Sutton by her sister who was working as a nurse at the time. From the moment she walked through the doors Ana said she felt at home.

“The residents were so welcoming and friendly. My heart was already here.”

Ana is a jack of all trades and never shies away from learning something new to help out around the community. She began her journey with Hedley Sutton as a cleaner and weaved her way through the team, helping out wherever she was needed. In the kitchens, in the laundry, on reception, you name it, Ana has mastered it. Residents still remember seeing Ana on the front desk after a few months of working on the floor and exclaimed, “Is there anything you can’t do?”

Ana’s versatility not only assisted the Hedley Sutton community, but also allowed her to develop an understanding of the environment and people around her. She said that working in different departments allowed her to have a connection and deeper understanding of every person who worked at Hedley.

“People might say, you don’t understand, but I do, I know what it’s like to work in someone else’s shoes,” she said.

Ana now works as a Lifestyle Assistant after studying lifestyle while working at Hedley Sutton. Her role in caring for our residents means the world to her, so she goes the extra mile to learn everything she can about her clients.

“Knowing how to care for each individual is so important, knowing more about them means I know how to give them the care they need”.

Ana’s dedication to the elderly comes from a deep love of her parents and grandparents.

“From the first day I came here I said I wanted to give my love and care to these residents like they were my own mother, father and grandparents. I want to care for these residents as if they were my own family,” Ana said.

Ana’s passion for her job shines brightly as she describes the “privilege” of her role and being believe “able to give that love and care – becoming a special part of these residents lives and being a part of their family”.

Ana’s dedication to Baptcare is inspirational and she hopes that her story can help her fellow employees to keep smiling, caring and loving each other. Remembering that these residents and the people we care for are why we are all here every day.

Contact: Annemarie Watt

Phone: 0428 063 664